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Wednesday, March 1
Updated: March 2, 9:29 AM ET
PFW: Rating the quarterbacks

By Joel Buchsbaum
Pro Football Weekly

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A look at how the quarterback prospects rate for the 2000 NFL draft on April 15-16:

Rank, player College Grade Note
1. Chad Pennington Marshall 5.99  
2. Chris Redman Louisville 5.80 X
3. Tee Martin Tennessee 5.55  
4. Giovanni Carmazzi Hofstra 5.15  
5. Tim Rattay Louisiana Tech 5.10  
6. Tom Brady Michigan 5.09  
7. Marc Bulger West Virginia 5.05 X
8. Joe Hamilton Georgia Tech 5.05  
9. Todd Husak Stanford 5.03  
10. Doug Johnson Florida 5.03 BB
11. Corte McGuffey Northern Colorado 5.02  
12. Jarious Jackson Notre Dame 5.01 RB
13. Phil Stambaugh Lehigh 5.01  

Grading scale for NFL prospects
8.00-9.00: Franchise player. (Any quarterback who grades over 7.50 is considered a potential franchise player.)
7.00-7.99: Future All-Pro.
6.50-6.99: Has a good chance to become a Pro Bowl-caliber player.
6.00-6.49: Should become a quality NFL player with Pro Bowl potential.
5.50-5.99: Has a chance to become a quality NFL player.
5.10-5.49: Has a better-than-average chance to make an NFL roster.
5.01-5.09: Has a slightly better than 50-50 chance to make a roster.
5.00-below: Has a 50-50 chance to make a roster.

Explanation of notes
Age: Player is overaged.
BB: May play professional baseball.
Elig.: This player's draft eligibility has not been finally determined.
Status: Pending off-the-field factors could influences where this player is drafted.
MI: More information needed for accurate grade.
RB: Can also play running back (applies to other position abbreviations, too, such as S for safety, RS for return specialist, etc.).
X: May have a medical problem, past or present, that could impact where player is drafted.
XX: More serious injury concern.
XXX: Definite injury concern.

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