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Monday, July 3
Updated: July 4, 3:03 AM ET
Free agents: Who has signed where

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With all the activity during the NHL's free-agent period, this is your one-stop shopping for all the comings and goings. Check out who has signed where and for how much.

Name Signed with Previous team Terms of deal
Andreychuk, Dave Buffalo Colorado 1 year, undisclosed
Arvedson, Magnus Ottawa Ottawa 1 year, undisclosed
Aubin, Serge Columbus Colorado Undisclosed
Audette, Donald Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Barnaby, Matthew Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1 year, $1.1 million
Bashkirov, Andrei Montreal Montreal 1 year, undisclosed
Battaglia, Bates Carolina Carolina Undisclosed
Belak, Wade Calgary Calgary Undisclosed
Beranek, Josef Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1 year, $770,000
Berube, Craig Washington Philadelphia 1 year, $700,000
Brathwaite, Fred Calgary Calgary 2 years, $1.95 million
Burt, Adam Atlanta Philadelphia 2 years, $2 million
Bylsma, Dan Anaheim Los Angeles Undisclosed
Cloutier, Dan Tampa Bay Tampa Bay 1 year, $600,000
Coffey, Paul Boston Carolina 2 years, undisclosed
Corbet, Rene Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 1 year, $825,000
Corson, Shayne Toronto Montreal Undisclosed
Cote, Sylvain Washington Dallas 3 years, $4.35 million
Cowan, Jeff Calgary Calgary Undisclosed
Craig, Mike Colorado San Jose Undisclosed
Daigneault, J.J. Minnesota Phoenix Undisclosed
Dean, Kevin Chicago Chicago Undisclosed
Deadmarsh, Adam Colorado Colorado Multiyear, undisclosed
Delmore, Andy Philadelphia Philadelphia 2 years, $1.05 million
Domenichelli, Hnat Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Donovan, Shean Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Drake, Dallas St. Louis Phoenix 4 years, $9 million
Eakins, Dallas Calgary Chicago Undisclosed
Eastwood, Mike St. Louis St. Louis Multiyear, undisclosed
Essensa, Bob Canucks Phoenix Undisclosed
Gilchrist, Brent Detroit Detroit 1 year, $600,000
Grahame, John Boston Boston 2 years, $1.05 million
Grimson, Stu Los Angeles Anaheim 1 year, $500,000
Grosek, Michal Chicago Chicago 2 years, $2.35 million
Guolla, Steve Atlanta Atlanta undisclosed
Halko, Steve Carolina Carolina Undisclosed
Haller, Kevin NY Islanders Anaheim Undisclosed
Harlock, David Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Hatcher, Kevin Carolina N.Y. Rangers Undisclosed
Hay, Dwayne Tampa Bay Tampa Bay 1 year, $357,000
Healy, Glenn Toronto Toronto 2 years, undisclosed
Higgins, Matt Montreal Montreal 1 year, undisclosed
Hill, Sean St. Louis Carolina 4 years, $9 million
Hinote, Dan Colorado Colorado Undisclosed
Hoglund, Jonas Toronto Toronto 1 year, $950,000
Houde, Eric Dallas Phoenix 1 year, undisclosed
Hull, Jody Philadelphia Philadelphia 1 year, $550,000
Johnson, Greg Nashville Nashville Undisclosed
Johnson, Ryan Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Undisclosed
Karlsson, Andreas Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Karpa, Dave Carolina Carolina 1 year, undisclosed
King, Derek Ottawa St. Louis Multiyear, undisclosed
Koivu, Saku Montreal Montreal 1 year, undisclosed
Kovalenko, Andrei Boston Carolina 1 year, undisclosed
Krivokrasov, Sergei Minnesota Calgary Undisclosed
Laaksonen, Antti Minnesota Boston Undisclosed
Lachance, Scott Vancouver Montreal Undisclosed
Lambert, Denny Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Langenbrunner, Jamie Dallas Dallas 1 year, $1.15 million
Laperriere, Ian Los Angeles Los Angeles Multiyear, undisclosed
Laplante, Darryl Minnesota Detroit Undisclosed
Larionov, Igor Florida Detroit 2 years, $3.8 million
Laukkanen, Janne Pittsburgh Pittsburgh 3 years, $3.9 million
LeClair, John Philadelphia Philadelphia 1 year, $7 million
Leclerc, Mike Anaheim Anaheim 1 year, $440,000
Lowry, Dave Calgary San Jose 2 years, $1.025 million
Lukowich, Brad Dallas Dallas 1 year, $385,000
Malakhov, Vladimir N.Y. Rangers New Jersey 4 years, $14 million
Malkoc, Dean Anaheim Anaheim 1 year, undisclosed
Maracle, Norm Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Marchant, Todd Edmonton Edmonton 2 years, undisclosed
Matte, Christian Minnesota Colorado Undisclosed
Matteucci, Mike Minnesota Boston Undisclosed
McAmmond, Dean Chicago Chicago 1 year, $1.13 million
McBain, Mike Montreal Montreal 1 year, undisclosed
McCabe, Bryan Chicago Chicago 1 year, $2.15 million
McCann, Sean Atlanta Phoenix Undisclosed
McCarthy, Sandy N.Y. Rangers (via Carolina) Carolina Undisclosed
McCauley, Alyn Toronto Toronto 1 year, undisclosed
McInnis, Marty Anaheim Anaheim 1 year, $1.43 million
Messier, Eric Colorado Colorado Undisclosed
Messier, Mark N.Y. Rangers Vancouver 2 years, $10-11 million
Modin, Fredrik Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Multiyear, undisclosed
Murphy, Larry Detroit Detroit 1 year, $1.6 million
Murray, Chris St. Louis Dallas Multiyear, undisclosed
Myhres, Brantt Nashville San Jose Multiyear, undisclosed
Nash, Tyson St. Louis St. Louis Multiyear, undisclosed
Niedermayer, Rob Florida Florida 1 year, $2.1 million
Niemenen, Ville Colorado Colorado Undisclosed
Nikolishin, Andrei Washington Washington 1 year, $1.12 million
Norton, Brad Edmonton Edmonton 1 year, $440,000
Nylander, Michael Chicago Chicago Undisclosed
Oliver, David Ottawa Phoenix Undisclosed
O'Sullivan, Chris Anaheim Vancouver 1 year, undisclosed
Osgood, Chris Detroit Detroit 3 years, $11.25 million
Ozolinsh, Sandis Carolina Carolina 5 years, $25.5 million
Pellerin, Scott Minnesota St. Louis 1 year, $935,000
Perreault, Yanic Toronto Toronto 1 year, undisclosed
Persson, Ricard Ottawa St. Louis Undisclosed
Phillips, Chris Ottawa Ottawa 1 year, undisclosed
Pittis, Domenic Edmonton Buffalo 2 years, undisclosed
Plante, Derek Philadelphia Dallas 1 year, $400,000
Popovic, Peter Boston Pittsburgh 2 years, undisclosed
Poulin, Patrick Montreal Montreal 3 years, undisclosed
Ray, Rob Buffalo Buffalo Undisclosed
Reirden, Todd St. Louis St. Louis Undisclosed
Roberts, Gary Toronto Carolina Undisclosed
Rohloff, Todd Washington Chicago Undisclosed
Roloson, Dwayne St. Louis Columbus Undisclosed
Sakic, Joe Colorado Colorado 1 year, $7.9 million
Savage, Brian Montreal Montreal 1 year, undisclosed
Sawyer, Kevin Anaheim Phoenix 2 years, undisclosed
Schneider, Mathieu Los Angeles N.Y. Rangers 1 year, $2 million
Schwab, Corey Vancouver Vancouver Undisclosed
Shantz, Jeff Calgary Calgary 3 years, undisclosed
Smolinski, Bryan Los Angeles Los Angeles Undisclosed
Smith, Dan Colorado Colorado Undisclosed
Stapleton, Mike NY Islanders Atlanta Undisclosed
Stevens, Kevin Philadelphia N.Y. Rangers one year, undisclosed
Stock, P.J. Montreal N.Y. Rangers Undisclosed
Sundstrom, Niklas San Jose San Jose 2 years, $2.45 million
Sweeney, Don Boston Boston 3 years, $6.6 million
Tabaracci, Rick Dallas Atlanta/Colo. Undisclosed
Thornton, Scott San Jose Dallas Undisclosed
Titov, German Anaheim Edmonton 3 years, $4.5 million
Tocchet, Rick Philadelphia Philadelphia 2 years, undisclosed
Traverse, Patrick Anaheim Anaheim 1 year, $550,000
Trebil, Dan N.Y. Islanders Pittsburgh Undisclosed
Tremblay, Yannick Atlanta Atlanta Undisclosed
Tugnutt, Ron Columbus Pittsburgh 4 years, $10 million
Turco, Marty Dallas Dallas 1 year, undisclosed
Van Allen, Shaun Dallas Ottawa Undisclosed
Warriner, Todd Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Multiyear, undisclosed
Watt, Mike Nashville Nashville 1 year, $400,000
Wells, Chris Dallas N.Y. Rangers 1 year, undisclosed
Werenka, Brad Calgary Calgary Undisclosed
White, Brian Colorado Colorado Undisclosed
Whitney, Ray Florida Florida 3 years, $7.05 million
Wilson, Landon Phoenix Boston 1 year, undisclosed
Witt, Brendan Washington Washington 2 years, $2.075 million
Woolley, Jason Buffalo Buffalo 1 year, undisclosed
Wright, Jamie Dallas Dallas 1 year, undisclosed
Yelle, Stephane Colorado Colorado 3 years, $3.15 million
York, Jason Ottawa Ottawa 1 year, $1.4 million
Zelepukin, Valeri Chicago Philadelphia Undisclosed
Zettler, Rob Washington Washington 1 year, undisclosed
Zhitnik, Alexei Buffalo Buffalo 1 year, $2.5 million

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