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Wednesday, October 13
Updated: October 14, 5:31 PM ET
Whispers from around the league

Pro Football Weekly

Here are the latest NFL rumors from Pro Football Weekly:

  • San Francisco 49ers general manager Bill Walsh is scouting a different college quarterback every week in search of a future replacement for Steve Young.

    Stephen Davis
    Running Back
    Washington Redskins
    92 400 4.3 9 24 1

  • The Redskins have indicated they would like to give running back Stephen Davis a contract extension. However, they aren't in a real hurry to do so. Director of player personnel Vinny Cerrato has met with Davis' agent but says that the team doesn't feel under pressure to get something done immediately. Cerrato has said December would be a time to target for having an extension done. However, Davis' agent says that might be too late. If the team waits that long, Davis might be inclined to see what he's worth on the open market as an unrestricted free agent.

  • Jaguars rookie cornerback Fernando Bryant has looked good so far as a starter. Veteran safety Carnell Lake can't stop talking about the kid.

  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says that defensive tackle Leon Lett is in tip-top shape. Lett, who is not allowed to work out with the team while suspended, is working with a personal trainer and is playing a lot of basketball. Jones' only concern is how to get Lett into football shape so he can contribute when his eight-game punishment is up.

  • Redskins punter Matt Turk is not posting the impressive numbers he usually does. One reason is Turk has been experimenting with a new kicking style, in which he angles the punt more than usual in hopes of kicking more balls out of bounds. However, it hasn't been working. When asked about it, special-teams coach LeCharls McDaniel said the experiment was over. However, Turk said he was not informed of this and didn't plan to change anything.

  • Redskins coach Norv Turner planned on using the bye week to introduce more of the offense to quarterback Brad Johnson. Expect to see the Redskins use more three-receiver packages, meaning Irving Fryar should find his way onto the field more often.

  • Look for the Packers to expand weak-side linebacker Brian Williams' role in the coming weeks. Williams has impressed the coaching staff with his sideline-to-sideline ability, and the team is looking for another defender to feature aside from strong safety LeRoy Butler.

  • For someone who played sparingly in the preseason, Vikings middle linebacker Ed McDaniel has been amazing. After undergoing offseason knee surgery, McDaniel saw few snaps in the team's exhibitions, but he has shown no lingering effects of the injury. McDaniel has played key roles in shutting down Jamal Anderson, Dorsey Levens and Mike Alstott/Warrick Dunn. The Vikings have also been helped by the return of nose tackle Jerry Ball, whose ability to absorb blockers clears lanes for McDaniel and weak-side linebacker Dwayne Rudd to make plays.

  • Rookie running back Ricky Williams has gained the respect of many within the Saints' organization for playing with the various injuries that have slowed the start to his pro career.

  • Panthers coach George Seifert said he'll be happy if his team and the 49ers are placed in separate divisions when the divisions are realigned, because he never wanted to be in the same division as his former team. He said he thought the media circus of his going up against San Francisco twice a year would be too much, and he wouldn't mind if he could just focus on turning the Carolina franchise around.

    Matt Stover
    Baltimore Ravens
    9/12 6/6 33 50

  • The signing of kicker Joe Nedney last week might signal the beginning of the end for Matt Stover in Baltimore. Coach Brian Billick has not been happy with Stover's recent field-goal misses and lack of distance on kickoffs. While the team says Nedney was brought in just for kickoff duties, it's doubtful the Ravens will keep two kickers on a 53-man roster for long.

  • We hear Bills receiver Andre Reed's statement last week that he wanted the ball more was taken out of context and should not have been perceived as a complaint.

  • While reviewing film of the Bills heading into Week 5, Steelers head coach Bill Cowher said he was impressed with defensive end Bruce Smith, who looked exceptionally youthful and spry in Buffalo's Week 4 victory at Miami.

  • Chiefs wide receiver Andre Rison has not raised a ruckus over the fact that Kevin Lockett and Joe Horn are starting to take playing time away from him at the split-end position. Rison has had trouble getting open this season, whereas Lockett is finding creases far more often than in past seasons.

  • The Chiefs have been delighted with the play of middle linebacker Marvcus Patton, whom they signed as a free agent in the offseason when the Redskins failed to re-sign him.

  • There is no truth to rumors circulating in Kansas City that Chiefs wide receiver Derrick Alexander was on the trading block.

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