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Sunday, June 9
Bledsoe a no-show at ceremony; no ring for Glenn

Associated Press

BOSTON -- The New England Patriots received their 3-ounce, 14-karat Super Bowl championship rings in a private waterfront ceremony at the Boston Harbor Hotel on Sunday night.

Super Bowl rings
The Patriots' Super Bowl ring features 143 diamonds.

Players strolled into the hotel on a red carpet, and left with the sport's ultimate prize.

''One, two, three ... don't be blinded,'' wide receiver Troy Brown said as he jubilantly flashed his $15,000 ring, replete with 143 diamonds. ''A lot of hard work, 42 years. I love this thing.''

Adam Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal as time expired to give the Patriots a 20-17 Super Bowl victory over the St. Louis Rams, the first championship in the franchise's 42-year history.

''It's been a long time to wait,'' Brown said. ''A lot of people who followed the Patriots back in the day aren't alive to see this. So this goes out to them and everyone in New England.''

Safety Lawyer Milloy said his teammates were screaming when they opened the ring boxes.

''It's like when someone sneaks around the corner and jumps out with an ugly, ugly costume and yells, 'Surprise!''' Milloy said.

The ring bears the inscription ''World Champions,'' encircled with 42 diamonds, representing each Patriots season. Two football-shaped diamonds represent the team's other two Super Bowl appearances, both losses. The ring also features a Patriots logo in sapphires and garnets, with rows of diamonds resembling a football field around the logo.

The right side of the ring features the logo from the Super Bowl, old Foxboro Stadium and the letters ''U.S.A.''

Players' names and numbers are raised along the left side, along with a Patriots helmet pictured over an American flag next to the team's 14-5 record. The word ''TEAM'' is engraved nearby. Patriots players often referred to their team chemistry as the key to their championship run.

''It's a great moment,'' Milloy said. ''It's a great piece of hardware, and I'll take this to my grave with me.''

Milloy said Sunday was the last night to enjoy the 2001 season, and he would take the ring off the next day when he worked out.

Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, who was injured early in the season and never regained his starting job because of the solid play of Tom Brady, was invited but did not attend the ceremony. Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills in the offseason. Wide receiver Terry Glenn, who played four games between injuries and suspensions, did not receive a ring.

The Patriots went 5-11 in 2000, then started last season 1-3 before going on their Super Bowl run, New England's first major sports title in 16 years.

New Boston Red Sox owner John Henry pulled up in his yacht to get a peek at the celebration.

Sunday's ceremony was only for players and coaches, but the team is giving out 250 of the rings, a team spokesman said.

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