Monday, October 23
Warner hurt on fumbled snap

Kurt Warner

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner missed the second half of Sunday's 54-34 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs after breaking the little finger on his right hand.

The NFL MVP was injured on a fumbled snap at the Kansas City 8 near the end of the first half -- his worst half of the season. After a 2-for-9 start, Warner was 15-for-25 for 185 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions as the Rams trailed 27-14 at the break.

Rams coach Mike Martz said in his postgame press conference that Warner will be out 4-6 weeks.

Warner also jammed his non-throwing left hand in the second quarter.

Warner is the third starting quarterback the Chiefs have knocked out of a game this season, joining Steve McNair of Tennessee and Moses Moreno of San Diego. Warner was in uniform as the second half began with the finger taped.

Trent Green replaced Warner in the second half.

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