Thursday, August 31
Week 6 injury report

NEW YORK -- The National Football League injury report as provided by the league:

Sunday's games
Steve Young
Niners QB Steve Young is weighing his options, and listening to doctors.
CAROLINA (1-3) at SAN FRANCISCO (3-2): Panthers: OUT: LB Hannibal Navies (knee). PROBABLE: WR Donald Hayes (hamstring). 49ers: OUT: RB Travis Jervey (ankle); DE Marvin Washington (quadriceps-injured reserve). DOUBTFUL: LB Anthony Peterson (groin); QB Steve Young (concussion). QUESTIONABLE: C Chris Dalman (knee); WR Terrell Owens (ankle). PROBABLE: CB Craig Newsome (concussion)

CLEVELAND (0-5) at JACKSONVILLE (4-1): Browns: OUT: DE Hurvin McCormack (knee); G Steve Zahursky (knee). QUESTIONABLE: WR Leslie Shepherd (hamstring); TE Irv Smith (knee). PROBABLE: RB George Jones (knee); CB Antonio Langham (thumb); C Dave Wohlabaugh (ankle). Jaguars: OUT: DE Eric Curry (knee-injured reserve); TE Damon Jones (knee). DOUBTFUL: DE Renaldo Wynn (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: RB Fred Taylor (hamstring). PROBABLE: S Carnell Lake (neck); RB James Stewart (hamstring); C John Wade (toe).

GREEN BAY (3-1) at DENVER (1-4): Packers: QUESTIONABLE: T Earl Dotson (back); DT Santana Dotson (neck); DE Cletidus Hunt (ankle). PROBABLE: QB Brett Favre (thumb); WR Bill Schroeder (ankle); LB Brian Williams (knee). Broncos: OUT: TE Shannon Sharpe (clavicle). QUESTIONABLE: QB Bubby Brister (hip); S George Coghill (knee); C K.C. Jones (knee); RB Derek Loville (hamstring). PROBABLE: DT Cyron Brown (shoulder); LB Glenn Cadrez (shoulder); CB Ray Crockett (knee); RB Olandis Gary (toe); QB Brian Griese (finger); RB Howard Griffith (toe); T Tony Jones (wrist); RB Anthony Lynn (toe); WR Ed McCaffrey (thigh); QB Chris Miller (elbow); G Dan Neil (elbow-wrist); DT Trevor Pryce (toe); G Mark Schlereth (back); WR Rod Smith (groin); CB Chris Watson (ankle); LB Nate Wayne (knee-hand); DE Alfred Williams (back).

INDIANAPOLIS (2-2) at NEW YORK JETS (1-4): Colts: DOUBTFUL: CB Tito Wooten (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: CB Chad Cota (ankle); WR Lake Dawson (ankle); WR E. G. Green (knee); RB Darick Holmes (ankle). PROBABLE: RB Scott Greene (hamstring); CB Tyrone Poole (head). Jets: OUT: S Kevin Williams (throat). QUESTIONABLE: TE Fred Baxter (hip); WR Wayne Chrebet (foot); CB Corey Sawyer (hamstring). PROBABLE: CB Aaron Glenn (leg).

MIAMI (3-1) at NEW ENGLAND (4-1): Dolphins: OUT: DE Kenny Mixon (multiple abrasions and contusions). DOUBTFUL: WR Yatil Green (hamstring); LB Anthony Harris (groin). QUESTIONABLE: CB Terrell Buckley (ankle); G Mark Dixon (groin); T Richmond Webb (knee). PROBABLE: RB Cecil Collins (hip); WR Oronde Gadsden (ankle); S Shawn Wooden (thumb). Patriots: OUT: LB Ted Johnson (biceps). DOUBTFUL: RB Chris Floyd (knee); LB Bernard Russ (knee); RB Harold Shaw (quadricep). QUESTIONABLE: WR Troy Brown (ankle); LB Tedy Bruschi (knee).

MINNESOTA (2-3) at DETROIT (2-2): Vikings: DOUBTFUL: TE Jim Kleinsasser (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: DE John Burrough (foot); DE Martin Harrison (knee); WR Matthew Hatchette (ankle); LB Kailee Wong (hamstring). PROBABLE: DT Jerry Ball (ribs); WR Cris Carter (hip); QB Randall Cunningham (hip); RB David Palmer (ribs); RB Robert Smith (abdomen). Lions: OUT: LB Steve Boyd (foot); DE Jared DeVries (foot); CB Kywin Supernaw (ankle). DOUBTFUL: DE Robert Porcher (ankle); G Tony Semple (elbow). QUESTIONABLE: CB Lamar Campbell (knee); S Ryan Stewart (groin); CB Bryant Westbrook (hamstring). PROBABLE: DT Luther Elliss (groin); RB Sedrick Irvin (hamstring); WR Herman Moore (knee); T Tony Ramirez (quadricep).

OAKLAND (2-3) at BUFFALO (4-1): Raiders: DOUBTFUL: T Mo Collins (knee). PROBABLE: TE Rickey Dudley (toe); LB Richard Harvey (shoulder); RB Napoleon Kaufman (hand); DT Darrell Russell (ankle); RB Tyrone Wheatley (shoulder). Bills: OUT: G Joe Panos (neck); RB Thurman Thomas (liver contusion). QUESTIONABLE: QB Rob Johnson (head).

PHILADELPHIA (1-4) at CHICAGO (3-2): Eagles: DOUBTFUL: LB Mike Caldwell (hamstring); RB Kevin Turner (neck). QUESTIONABLE: DT Bill Johnson (ankle); T Jermane Mayberry (hamstring); T Lonnie Palelei (shoulder). PROBABLE: QB Koy Detmer (back); DE Hugh Douglas (knee); DE Mike Mamula (wrist); C Bubba Miller (wrist); S Damon Moore calf); DT Brandon Whiting (knee). Bears: OUT: RB James Allen (knee); K Jeff Jaeger (hip-injured reserve); QB Shane Matthews (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: WR Curtis Conway (ankle); LB Sean Harris (ankle). PROBABLE: CB Rico McDonald (quadricep).

PITTSBURGH (2-3) at CINCINNATI (1-4): Steelers: OUT: DE Nolan Harrison (pectoral). DOUBTFUL: LB Mike Vrabel (arm). QUESTIONABLE: G Alan Faneca (ankle); DE Orpheus Roye (quadricep). PROBABLE: WR Will Blackwell (hamstring); S Travis Davis (knee). Bengals: OUT: TE Steve Bush (knee). DOUBTFUL: CB Rico Clark (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: DE John Copeland (elbow); S Lawrence Wright (foot-ankle). PROBABLE: RB Clif Groce (shoulder).

ST. LOUIS (4-0) at ATLANTA (1-4): Rams: QUESTIONABLE: RB Marshall Faulk (hip). Falcons: OUT: LB Keith Brooking (knee); S Johndale Carty (hamstring). DOUBTFUL: DT Ed Jasper (knee); LB Jessie Tuggle (quadricep). QUESTIONABLE: WR Chris Calloway (knee); QB Chris Chandler (hamstring); WR Jammi German (finger).

SEATTLE (3-1) at SAN DIEGO (3-1): Seahawks: OUT: T Todd Weiner (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: WR Fabien Bownes (hamstring); G Brian Habib (knee); WR Charles Jordan (hamstring). Chargers: OUT: LB Eric Hill (knee-foot); WR Charlie Jones (hip); QB Ryan Leaf (shoulder). DOUBTFUL: CB Charles Dimry (knee). QUESTIONABLE: WR Jeff Graham (ankle); T John Jackson (back); CB Terrance Shaw (ankle). PROBABLE: RB Terrell Fletcher (wrist); QB Jim Harbaugh (ribs-elbow); RB Natrone Means (ankle); T Vaughn Parker (shoulder).

TENNESSEE (4-1) at NEW ORLEANS (1-3): Titans: OUT: DT Mike Jones (knee); QB Steve McNair (back); G Scott Sanderson (back-injured reserve). QUESTIONABLE: S Blaine Bishop (quadricep-concussion); TE Jackie Harris (hamstring); DE Kenny Holmes (ankle); S Steve Jackson (hamstring); S Perry Phenix (concussion); S Marcus Robertson (hamstring). Saints: QUESTIONABLE: TE Cam Cleeland (knee); QB Billy Joe Hobert (neck); LB Vinson Smith (hamstring); RB Ricky Williams (elbow-ankle).

WASHINGTON (3-1) at ARIZONA (2-3): Redskins: OUT: RB Larry Bowie (ankle). QUESTIONABLE: TE James Jenkins (knee). PROBABLE: TE Stephen Alexander (back); G Tre Johnson (knee); LB Eddie Mason (hamstring). Cardinals: OUT: T James Dexter (triceps); DT Mark Smith (knee). DOUBTFUL: WR Rob Moore (hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: LB Patrick Sapp (hamstring). PROBABLE: CB Corey Chavous (knee); TE Terry Hardy (ankle); TE Johnny McWilliams (wrist); QB Jake Plummer (hip-ribs); DE Simeon Rice (thigh); DE Andre Wadsworth (toe).

Monday's game
DALLAS (3-1) at NEW YORK GIANTS (2-3): Cowboys: OUT: WR Michael Irvin (neck). QUESTIONABLE: CB Kevin Mathis (knee); C Mark Stepnoski (back); S Darren Woodson (ankle). PROBABLE: G Everett McIver (hamstring); RB Emmitt Smith (back); CB Kevin Smith (back); CB Charlie Williams (arm); T Erik Williams (quadricep). Giants: DOUBTFUL: CB Conrad Hamilton (knee). QUESTIONABLE: RB Sean Bennett (knee); S Lyle West (hamstring); C Brian Williams (thumb). PROBABLE: QB Kent Graham (concussion).

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