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Monday, August 20
Four 'Huskers have been arrested since June

Associated Press

LINCOLN, Neb. -- The off-field troubles for the Nebraska football team continue to mount, with two more players arrested this weekend following a disturbance outside a bar.

Four Cornhuskers now have been arrested since June and a fifth player, the team's leading returning tackler, was kicked off the team this month for violating team rules.

The latest problems involve the team's top I-back Dahrran Diedrick and backup middle linebacker Tony Tata, who both spent about an hour in jail Saturday night after being charged with disturbing the peace.

"You cannot be out at midnight standing on the street and generally have something good happen," coach Frank Solich said Monday.

Solich said that no decision had been made on the players' status. He planned to make a determination by the end of the week.

"I'm just trying to get as many facts on it as I can," Solich said. "In a number of cases we have waited until things have played out in the court system. I don't know if that will be the case here."

Diedrick is scheduled to appear in Lancaster County Court on Sept. 12. Tata is set to appear Sept. 14.

The Huskers open the season Saturday at home against Texas Christian in the Pigskin Classic.

The arrests add to a preseason that saw the Huskers lose their top returning defender, linebacker Randy Stella, and led to a one-game suspension for starting kicker Josh Brown.

Stella, who was second on the team last season in tackles with 58, was kicked off the team this month for undisclosed disciplinary reasons. Brown was convicted this month of assault for fighting with a man on a date with his ex-girlfriend. Solich suspended Brown from the team's opener Saturday.

One of Diedrick's backups, Thunder Collins, was arrested and charged in June with assaulting his live-in girlfriend, Nebraska basketball player Shannon Howell. Assault charges against Collins were dropped this month when he agreed to enter a pretrial diversion program.

Solich ordered both Brown and Collins to undergo counseling for anger management.

Solich said he was disappointed with the off-field problems.

"Even though they're all classified as misdemeanors, they're all disturbing to you," he said. "You'd like to go through a season without any incidents."

Tata was arrested for disturbing the peace outside a downtown bar where he was seen arguing with the owner at 12:30 a.m. CT Sunday.

Diedrick was arrested 18 minutes later after being kicked out of the same bar following a disturbance. Police said he also was yelling at the bar owner. After he refused to leave, Diedrick was arrested for failure to disperse and disturbing the peace.

Both Diedrick and Tata were suspended from the 2000 Fiesta Bowl after violating team rules in preparation for that game.

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