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Monday, May 28
Miceli lambastes Boles, coaching staff news services

NEW YORK -- Florida Marlins reliever Dan Miceli ripped into manager John Boles and his staff after Sunday's loss to the Mets.

Dan Miceli

"There have been so many games they have screwed up by the positioning of guys," said Miceli, who gave up three runs in the eighth inning Sunday. "I'm just tired of it. There are other guys who feel the same way, but they won't say anything. I just feel it's time for someone to say something. These young guys have worked their (expletive) off to get here. They are going to be quiet.

"It's the talk of the locker room. They don't make the right moves in the right situations. From the pitching coach to the manager to the assistant manager ...

"There are grown men in this locker room who have worked their whole lives to get to the big leagues, and they're not getting the right type of instruction from the staff. Stupid moves."

Miceli dropped to 0-4 with a staff-worst 6.27 ERA. He has asked several times to be traded.

He said the only coach the players respect is bullpen and infield coach Tony Taylor -- one of two Marlins coaches who played in the majors. First-base coach Lynn Jones is the other.

"Everybody goes to T.T. -- for hitting, for coaching, for everything," Miceli said. "He's one of the smartest coaches I've ever met."

Miceli, a nine-year veteran, said he wants to play for a manager with major-league experience, adding, "I don't have confidence" in Boles.

Boles said he was stunned by the right-hander's comments.

"I'm shocked by it," he said. "I haven't had time to digest it, but as far as confidence from the players -- the clubhouse has been great. The only thing that ever comes up is the Kevin Millar-Derrek Lee stuff," said Boles referring to the debate surrounding who should start at first base.

"If a person is disenchanted where he is, I guess going after the manager is the way he feels it will get accomplished," Boles said.

Marlins president and general manager Dave Dombrowski said he will meet with Miceli: "I will talk to him, and I will talk to our manager. Those are the kind of comments you don't want your players to make, and I will deal with it appropriately. I think the primary responsibility is to get somebody out, and we'll worry about the other issues."

Miceli makes $2 million this year and can become a free agent after the season.

Dombrowski said no other player had expressed a loss in confidence in Boles or his staff: "I don't think we have played as well as we thought we would, but I don't think there is a morale problem."

Miceli said the Marlins' front office has tainted his image by calling him a bad influence on younger players.

"I'm tired of the lies," Miceli said. "No more excuses, no more (expletive). This has been going on for a year and a half, but I've kept my mouth shut. If someone is (talking) behind your back, who wants to be around that?"

Boles said he met with Miceli "two or three times last year because Miceli was upset," but added he never commented about Miceli's influence on younger players.

"I've never said a negative word about Dan Miceli," Boles said. "He hasn't expressed any of this to me."

Miceli also took a shot at Boles for the manager's inaction during Friday's game against the Mets. Miceli said Boles should have taken the field when Mets manager Bobby Valentine went to first base to check on Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who had been hit by a pitch from Brad Penny. Valentine then stared at Penny.

"(Boles) should have gone out there," said Miceli, Penny's closest friend on the team. "None of this hiding in the dugout. You have to go out there and protect your players all the time."

Said Boles: "What am I supposed to do? The umpire controls the game. If I'm out there making my point, would someone from the other team come out there to the infield?"

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