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Wednesday, July 16
Student-Athlete of the Week

Heather Guetschow - Dundee-Crown High (Ill.)

Heather Guetschow
Heather Guetschow from Dundee-Crown High (Ill.) is our student-athlete of the week.
School year: Senior
Ht: 5-foot-5
DOB: 3/13/82
Siblings: Cole, 15
High school sports: Volleyball, basketball and soccer
GPA: 5.1 on a scale of 6.0
Class rank: 32 out of 301
Extracurriculars: Violinist in the school orchestra
Awards and honors: National Honor Society member and Delta Kappa Gamma scholarship.
Favorite TV Show: "I don't watch TV much."
Favorite Movie: "American Pie"
Favorite Book: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
Favorite school subject: English
Best Technique for studying: "Basically, go over my notes."
Favorite teacher and why: Mr. Bettcher (orchestra): "He's easy to get along with."
Desired career: Child psychology

Maintaining an outstanding GPA while playing sports year-round is a tough task for a high school student. But imagine the added pressure of being the daughter of the chairman of the school board.

Well, Heather Guetschow of Dundee-Crown High (Ill.) is living this life just fine.

In the spring, she's an outside hitter on the volleyball team. In the winter, she's a point guard for the hoop team. In the spring, she's the soccer squad's stopper. And in the final days of her high school career, she sports a 5.1 GPA on a 6.0 scale.

This season, Guetschow has four goals and four assists for her soccer team (7-7-4). Next year, the 18-year-old will play basketball and soccer at Aurora University (Aurora, Ill.).

With her seemingly endless schedule, Guetschow has become proficient in time management. She studies following afternoon practices or on the bus ride to away games. When she has home games at night, Guetschow drives 10 minutes to her home in Carpentersville in her mom's '92 Honda and gets her work done before heading back to school for the contest.

In addition to playing sports and scoring good grades, Guetschow plays violin for the Dundee-Crown orchestra. Just like on the playing field, it's the team approach Guetschow likes most about the orchestra.

"I would rather play as part of the orchestra than have a solo," says Guetschow, whose favorite composer is Mozart.

Her parents are active members of the Dundee-Crown Boosters' Club, and, according to Dundee-Crown soccer coach David Hatcher, Guetschow shows the same leadership skills as her parents.

"Like her parents, she's conscientious and active," says Hatcher. "She's a chip off the block."

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